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Game of Thrones season 7 TV show review


Well, as of yesterday I was FINALLY able to watch the season finale after somehow dodging every single spoiler for the last couple of days. As always my review will be spoiler free, BUT I will write a spoiler talk later on.

So, the season is over, leaving us with one final season of Game of Thrones. As far as I can tell this season has had a LOT of mixed reviews with seemingly no one in between. You either love it or hate it. I however AM in between. Although this season had a lot of fan service and we were able to see things we have all been wanting to see for seven years now, I felt like maybe it did that TOO much. I was able to predict almost everything that happened this season from the first episode and that is not what Game of Thrones is about. Game of Thrones is about the unexpected. Remember the red wedding? It almost feels as if the writers are afraid of upsetting the viewers now. What this season was more than anything though was an exposition season. A whole season of set up for the massive pay-off next season. I’m fine with that though! Sometimes things like that make the best episodes of Game of Thrones and I am now more psyched than ever for the final season. All in all although this season was missing a lot of the trademarks of GoT, it was a very good season, if not just for the fact that we are finally getting payoff on stuff we have wanted for years!


Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer review


There has never been more hype or anticipation surrounding a show in history than that of Game of Thrones. Every season, and every episode has the days counted until it is released… This is a TELEVISION SHOW trailer, and it gave me goosebumps unlike any movie trailer has in a long time. It told me nothing, yet showed me everything. From the narration by Cersei, to the scenes of battle, wide epic shots, and the looming terror of dark magic over all of them. Their are two seasons left of Game of Thrones and this trailer screams one thing… We have never seen anything from this show like we are about to see.