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Pacific Rim: Uprising movie review


It’s hard to review a movie that is just merely as okay as this one is. Pacific Rim: Uprising follows the son of Stacker Pentacost, Jake, who is played by John Boyege. Jake was once a promising Jaeger pilot, but left the program to pursue a life of partying. The war against Kaiju is deemed to be over, but someone out there is controlling evil Jaegers remotely trying to take out pilots. That is until the kaiju come back with a plan to take out the world entirely!.. To be honest I don’t even know HOW I would make this movie sound interesting. The plot of the movie is very clearly the first thing someone thought to do to make a sequel, with literally no creativity added in. None of the actors we loved from the first are back, except maybe for Charlie Day, but he is given such a shitty role to play in this that it makes the movie worse because of it. I was very disappointing, the first one was exactly what I wanted out of a monster vs. robot movie and this one doesn’t capitalize on my excitement at all, it just kind of coasts by.

Cobra Kai TV show review


Probably the most surprised I have ever been by a TV show, ever. I was surprised by how much I liked it. I was surprised by how good it was. I was surprised by the direction they went. I was all around SURPRISED. Cobra Kai follows Johnny and Daniel thirty-four years after the events of Karate Kid. I had assumed, much like everyone else, that this was going to be a shitty cash-grab of a show and was completely unnecessary. The fact that it is a YouTube Red show didn’t bode well for it either. I watched it anyway purely out of curiosity in what they could even do. What is absolutely amazing is that this show isn’t just great compared to what I thought it was going to be, it was just great!.. The show opens on Johnny, who has gone on to live a horrible life and is at an all time low. Immediately it paints Daniel as a complete asshole who capitalized on his karate championship. However the very next episode it switches it around and makes you perceive the characters in the exact opposite light. It does this multiple times throughout the season, never allowing one of them to be distinguished as the hero or the villain. Each one of them has an apprentice of sorts as well, a young karate kid that they have taken under their wing. What I especially like about their respective apprentices is that they seem to go in the exact opposite direction you predict of them. The arc of the season is spectacular as well, it really feels like these characters are different, that their lives are different, and it leaves you hungry for the next season.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 movie review


The original 2014 Guardians of the Galaxy is, in my “professional” opinion, the best movie of 2014. It blew everyone’s minds as well as their expectations out of the water when it came out, and remained the most talked about and watched movie all year. I was in the same boat as everyone else. I watched it countless times and for a long time it was my go-to “background-noise-movie”. So, naturally, I was excited beyond belief of the prospect of a sequel, but, the closer it got the more uncertain I was. Guardians of the Galaxy was a near perfection and out of left field superhero movie that no one expected from Marvel, and I was worried they would cash in on that and overdue all the old jokes… Thank god I was wrong!.. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 follows your favorite misfit group of galaxy crime fighters. They are working as hired guns more or less, until they end up finding Quill’s dad and a whole bunch of fuckery goes down. I can’t tell you much about the plot or else it would ruin the movie, but, I will tell you what I can about the movie and tone itself… The original movie had so much going for it, the strongest of which were the soundtrack, humor, action, acting, and relate-ability of Star Lord. This movie is not AS good as the first one. I’m not saying it is bad, because it’s not, it’s fantastic, just not nearly as good. It was however much funnier, and somehow much darker at the same time… That right there would have to be my favorite part of the movie. It somehow bounced back and forth, scene to scene, from hilarious to dark and sad. It added much needed depth to the movie as well as the characters… Now, Characters. Chris Pratt obviously killed it as Star Lord, the character he was born to play. Zoe Saldana added more depth to her portrayal of Gamora, playing her part of the will they/won’t they romance very well. Dave Bautista surprised me once again with his impeccable comic timing and stand out acting chops. Bradley Cooper is nearly unrecognizable as the voice of rocket, and Vin says his three words well yet again… The stand out role however is Michael Rooker as Yondu. Yondu has an amazing character and story arc just for him, playing a much larger part in this movie than the last. Rooker delivers as many hilarious lines as he does heart-wrenching. I loved seeing the backstory of Yondu and the difficulties he goes through because of his past decisions… Better than that you get more depth on his relationship with Quill that went unfinished in the previous movie… Not many sequels are good. Fewer are great. It is once in a great while that one is a perfect continuation of the original, and that is what Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 did.

Now You See Me 2 movie review


Utterly pointless. If you asked me to describe this movie in two words, that would be it. This movie had potential, and had a good set up from the last movie, BUT, it is one of the worst executions. The beautiful part of the first movie is that all the shit was believable. Sure, it was far fetched but it was believable. This one is not. On top of that I am have a difficulty remembering this movie and the details about it, I remember the first one VIVIDLY. One of the few scenes of Now You See Me 2 that stands out in my mind is when the group is exchanging a card back and forth to get it across a metal detector. Its extremely long winded, unbelievable, and loses it’s charm after the first thirty seconds…  I like Lizzy Caplan, but, she is not a horseman. And with the “death” of Jack Wilder it is only two of the original horsemen which is stupid if you ask me… One of the horsemen, Woody Harrelson, turns out has a twin brother. He is also played by Woody, and I have a chuckle or two but not enough to merit a character that is plainly obvious a lazy plot device.  My BIGGEST gripe with this movie though is that they had Daniel Radcliffe, the most well know wizard in the movie world and they didn’t make one joke. Not one! “I’m a magician, not a wizard!” or “Yer’ a magician Walter.” Both are acceptable but the writers weren’t smart enough, and that shows with this entire movie.


10 Cloverfield Lane movie review


Lets get something straight really quick… This is NOT a sequel. It is possible it is set in the same universe, but that seems loose. This is just an incredibly good marketing strategy. Another good marketing strategy? Not letting us know it exists until a couple months ago! That is damn smart. Anyway, 10 Cloverfield Lane follows Michelle. Michelle has run away from her fiance for reasons we don’t know… In the middle of the night she gets in a horrible car crash and wakes up in a bunker with 2 men. Howard, a giant hulking man with conspiracy theories and anger problems. And Emmett, a kind man that helped build the bunker and reassures her the world has actually ended…This movie is great. As you would have guessed John Goodman is the screen stealer in this. Every frame he is in is deeply unsettling. Howard is an unnerving man and no one could have played him but Goodman. Don’t get me wrong though, Winstead and Gallegher do their jobs FANTASTICALLY… But, I had to IMDB their names. 10 Cloverfield Lane does an excellent job of creating suspense, getting you on the edge of your seat, and making you hold your breath. The music in this a is a big contributing factor. Very 80’s! BUT, it has it’s down times… Towards the beginning of the movie it is quite boring. The first half hour crawls by as it takes forever to reach where it is going for the story to actually start. Other than that though, for a movie set completely in a bunker it is surprisingly entertaining. It makes me wonder if it HAD to be in a bunker because 90% of the budget was spent on John Goodman! Worth it though… Last but now least, never expect to know what is going to happen in this. Because what you think will happen definitely won’t… Especially in the end.

Creed movie review


Did we really NEED this? No. No we did not. We never NEED a spin off. But, I am so happy that we have this! Creed follows Adonis Johnson, the illegitimate love child of Apollo Creed. Adonis is taken out of the system by Apollo’s wife when he is young. She urges him to not fight, and yet Adonis is compelled to… As follows the Rocky formula, Adonis gets a shot at the belt against the best in the world, trained by the great Rocky Balboa. So, now that you know about it, and see how bad in could have gone, I’m going to tell you that everything went right! There is not a better spin off out there. This sold because it is a “Rocky” movie. This continues to make money because it is a great stand alone film. If you take Stallone out and insert a random old guy, and change Adonis last name, I’d STILL like this movie. Speaking of Stallone, he gives one of the best and most emotional performances I have ever seen from him in this. Oscar worthy. I think that is actually what I liked most about this movie. Sure, the fighting was great, the montage was well done (all 4 of them), and the soundtrack was great. But, the relationship between Rocky, Adonis (and sometimes his girlfriend Bianca) is what made this. Every moment of this movie was emotionally charged, and I loved it. THIS is my favorite Rocky movie.