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Silicon Valley TV show review

I watched Silicon Valley in its entirety over a two week period. Nothing to do with the show, I just think that’s impressive, or worrying, or both.

Silicon Valley follows five guys as they struggle to build a company in Silicon Valley on the back of a revolutionary program. It stars Thomas Middleditch as Richard, Zach Woods as Jared Dunn, Kumail Nanjiani as Danesh, T.J. Miller as Erlich Bachman, and Martin Starr as Gilfoyle.

The show is kicked off when Richard develops an algorithm that can compress files down much smaller than anything ever seen before. He puts it into a music app that he names Pied Piper which he accidentally leaks to huge tech company, Hooli. He and his buddies realize what they have and quit what they are working on to build Richards program and his company quicker than the big companies.

Silicon Valley is very built on the characters and their relationships. Each character is completely unique, and though a bit cartoonish, very real. They all play off eachother SUPER well and have some of the most hilarious dialogue in television. Being along for the ride with these characters as they hit speed bumps and hard times building this company is the best part. To me, at least, Jared and Gilfoyle are extreme standouts in this show, both being completely hilarious in pretty much exact opposite ways.

Now… On to the bad…

I found it EXTREMELY frustrating how after multiple seasons nothing ever seemed to move forward. The guys always seemed to make great progress but end up exactly where they started in the first place, back in the house. I realized that the seasons basically had a formula they lived by. App is going well>They start to get big>Richard is an ass>They almost sell out but don’t>they go back to the house and start over. The first couple times it made sense, but eventually it got tiresome. This last season looks like it will build off of the momentum the previous season finally gave us though and I’m really looking forward to that.

The Newsroom TV show review

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The Orville TV show review


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Comedians in Cars getting Coffee TV show review


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The Good Doctor TV show review


I don’t have autism and therefor can not be the voice of autism, but from what I know and have heard The Good Doctor is a wonderful voice for autism and I think that is fantastic. The Good Doctor follows Shaun Murphy, a brilliant young surgeon with autism that is recruited into a high-end hospital as a surgeon. Not only is he recruited in, but he is recruited in with many people against it and rooting for him to fail specifically BECAUSE of the repercussions of his autism. Freddie Highmore plays Shaun and is absolutely fantastic, perfectly falling into the role and bringing nothing with him. The character of Shaun is deep on so many levels and he pulls it off perfectly. Richard Schiff plays his “adoptive” father and I love it. I have loved everything that Richard Schiff does since he was in The West Wing and it is nice to seem him again. Apart from those two however, the rest of the shows cast seems a little two dimensional. Even writing this review I can’t remember their names. Sure, they have stories, but they are all over the top and feels a bit too much like a bad soap when the story is focused on them. Other than that small detail, which hopefully works itself out in time, this show is wonderful. The depiction of autism is spectacular, the acting of the main two people is splendid, the problems feel real, and the storytelling style of flashbacks really makes you feel more deeply and understand a character that has a difficult time showing himself.

Stranger Things season 2 Comic-Con trailer review

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The magic of the 80’s… In 2017… Stranger Things came out as a rather unknown show that Netflix was trying out. It had virtually no talk behind it, and an eight episode release. It became the most talked about series virtually over night, blowing not only my mind but everyone who saw it. Season 2 seems to have no means of slowing that down, and looks as though it will even UP the ante. This trailer is brilliant… Set to MJ’s Thriller, which the music video released the same year this is set in. Opening up on Dragons Lair, showing Will slipping in to the Upside Down, ELEVEN!.. I will binge this show the second it comes out, and I hope you will join me.

The 100 season 4 TV show review


The 100 has been one of my favorite TV shows since I first saw the first season on Netflix three years back. The first season still remains, in my opinion, one of the best seasons of television ever made. Since then however I feel like the show has been on a slow downwards spiral. Season 2 was good, changing up the whole dynamic of the series. Season 3 however left a bad taste in my mouth with Ally and the city of light. Going in to season 4 I was still excited, yet very wary of what the show would give me. I was pleasantly surprised! With bigger stakes and more on the line than any season before hand, season 4 started out with immanent death of radiation on the horizon in only six months. Not only that but people were dealing with the aftermath of the city of light, all the while having no commander and no night-blood to take the flame. In true 100 fashion I thought I  knew what was going to happen from the very beginning, but got every single prediction off by a mile. A new twist and turn was thrown at me around every corner and episode. Besides just bringing the show back to its best dynamic, which is the people from the ark attempting to assimilate to the ground and clans, the last few episodes were damn good binge-worthy television. The best way I can describe the last few episodes without giving much away is a hunger games like battle with stakes that will change everything. Which they did. Season 5 promises to be different than anything we have ever seen out of this show, as the season finale shows us, and because of season 4 my obsession has resurfaced.

Shark Tank TV show review


Shark Tank is an incredibly simple premise, that, to be completely honest did not sound interesting to me for a broad audience from the start. The idea of watching a business deal, though interesting to me, did not sound like something many people would enjoy. But, offering up something that most reality shows have thrown out the window is what makes this so fantastic. It’s real. There is not script, these people don’t know what they are going to say before they say it, and that is very clear when watching it. Another big benefit is the massively engaging quality of it. Whether my fiance and I are yelling at the sharks to sign a deal on a brilliant product or at the inventors to go with a certain deal we are always VERY in to it, and you will be too.

Ultimate Beastmaster TV show review


Though a very clear rip-off of Ninja Warrior, that does not take away from the awesomeness of this show. Ultimate Beastmaster is a reality show where 12 contestants compete on an obstacle course to become the Beastmaster. On the tenth episode they take the nine winners and they compete to be the Ultimate Beastmaster. Competing are two members of six countries. USA, South Korea, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Brazil… A few days ago I sat down to watch one episode of this show, just to give it a shot, and ended up watching half of the season in one sitting. Having not only two competitors from each country, but, two commentators from each as well always keeps it interesting. On top of that they cut to the action and don’t make me watch the shitty contestants slog through the course! However, The Beast (as they refer to the course) is very biased. The course has a large advantage to those who are tall, making some obstacles damn near impossible if you aren’t. Yuuji Urushihara, the most famous obstacle course runner in the world, and the only man to ever beat Sasuke (Ninja Warrior) twice, was eliminated in the second round. Multiple contestants that were 5’6 or under were eliminated because making the twelve foot leaps and eight foot verticals are damn near impossible for someone that short, yet, a cake walk for someone over six feet tall. Despite that one flaw though, this show is absolutely phenomenal. I found myself yelling at the screen the entire time, and having more country pride than I have since the Olympics.