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Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 music review


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Hopsin – Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 music review


Although Ill Mind 9 is not my favorite Ill Mind of Hopsin to be released, I would say that it struck a chord and was more heartfelt than  any of the other ones. Ill Mind of Hopsin 9 is a rap song by Hopsin where he raps as if he was speaking to his child that he has never met and is forcibly separated from. The tone is very different than in any other Ill Mind and I believe that was done very intentionally. This isn’t an angry subject for him, I think it is more something he needed to say and he wanted to go about it as if it were actually a message to his soon. The beat is lighter, the rap is slower, and his voice is softer. Especially in the hook. It is a great song, a better one of Hopsin’s. Not my favorite Ill Mind, but definitely the deepest and probably most important.

Korn – Y’all Want A Single music review


Y’all Want A Single is a single released by the band Korn in 2003. Korn is a heavy metal, or nu metal, band that has had many hits and is well recognized for being “out there”… In 2003 their album Take a Look in the Mirror was going to be released and their record label made them make a single. They didn’t want to. So, what did they say? FUCK THAT!.. Y’all Want A Single tells about the disgust of record labels, chart toppers, and overly played singles. It encourages people to steal this song and to not buy into the fake corporation known as the “music business”. What I love about this song is it talks (or more-so yells) about singles having a formula of being less than three minutes and thirty seconds, and having a hook in twenty seconds… This sing does just that! Because it HAS to! This is a great song to sing along to and head bang in the car… but it has a damn good message behind it.

Adele – Hello music review


Probably the most popular song of 2015, and the most powerful song I have ever heard, everyone knows of Hello by Adele. Coming back from her long hiatus Adele released the album 25, which quickly rose to one of the top albums of all time. The reason I chose to review Hello and not just the whole album is I find myself returning to this song nearly every day. Everyone can relate to looking in the past, and holding on to wrongs you want to right. I find this song a strange combination of sad, yet uplifting. The lyrics behind it are so deep, yet the powerful and beautiful voice of Adele just makes you want to sing along and get going. This normally is not my type of music, but Adele, and on a smaller scale, this song, appeals to everyone. I love it, and will keep returning to it daily.

Avenged Sevenfold – A little Piece of Heavan music review


Oh god… what can I say about this song. I will start out by saying that A7X is one of my favorite bands, and The Rev (RIP) will always be my all time favorite drummer. He in fact has some really cool lyrics in this! So, on to this one hell of a fucked up song. Which, at the same time is weirdly sweet in a psychopathic kind of way. But, love is love is love! A Little Piece of Heaven is about a guy that is so in love with his girlfriend that he kills her out of fear of losing her and to keep her young forever. After sleeping with her as a corpse many times, her soul repossess her body. She then proceeds to do the same acts to the man. They then spend eternity trying to make it up to each other and killing people. Supremely fucked up, but this song is still completely awesome! This song involves every member doing a little bit of singing, and though the story is fucked up the singing IS quite beautiful. With the addition of Juliette Commagere singing the part of the girl I truly believe this is the best sounding and well rounded A7X song out there.

Cold War Kids – First music review


Cold War Kids is an absolutely amazing band, one of my favorites. Their song “First” is what first got me interested in them and I listen to it almost every day now. First is a beautiful, but terribly sad song. When listening to this song it is impossible not to feel an emotional connection in some way. In great metaphors and word plays, never actually saying what it truly means, First describes relationships. The song talks about cheating, breaking trust, how every relationships are repetitive, how someone will eventually hurt you no matter what, and that it is unavoidable. Yet, the remarkable thing about this song is it feels happy, it feels bouncy, you want to sing and smile to it! It could be the catchy stomp-clap beat, the high guitar piece, or even the feeling behind the clear but powerful voice of the singer… Either way, despite the depressing lyrics this song makes you strangely happy.

The Marshall Mathers LP 2 music review


The Marshall Mathers LP 2 marks Eminem’s 8th album. Everybody knows about Eminem, and everybody knows about his heavy hitting lyrics, vulgar language, and controversy. In 2010 with the album Recovery, Eminem cleaned up his act quite a bit. His lyrics were cleaner, he was clean, and that was good! Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that Eminem cleaned up his act for his family, and himself. That is amazing, but I honestly miss the angry, drugged out, white boy, that is Slim Shady. In this album Eminem doesn’t bring back Slim, but he goes classic almost, rapping in his old school ways again! The lyrics are quick and rough, there is some anger mixed in. As screwed up as it is to say, I love it! I missed the Eminem that we all fell in love with, and this a phenomenal refresher. If you like his old stuff, trust me, get it!

Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1 music review


Arguably the best movie soundtrack of all time, and selling better than any other soundtrack of all time, my first music review is of Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 1! Having only music from before Peter Quill was abducted from earth, spanning from 1967-1979, this soundtrack has some of the best love songs, and sing along songs of all time. When I first got this CD it got put in my car player and didn’t come out for months. I memorized every word from every song, and my friends memorized every lyric. This CD was the perfect backdrop for the comedy/action/sci-fi movie having the best songs to drive home every moment. Every song on here is a classic that will be around forever, now a new generation has access and was shown them. I love this CD, and I hope there is a Vol. 2 that is just as awesome.

Pitch Perfect 2 movie review


Yes I am a guy, but I can admit that I LOVED the first Pitch Perfect. Pitch Perfect 2 is set three years after the original Pitch Perfect when they are all seniors, or super seniors for some! They are banned from preforming at the collegiate level, so they compete at nationals. I felt the magic of the first film was that it had the same effect as a dance movie, it made you want to do what they did! It made you feel good, and wanna move. It just had much, much better acting than most dance movies. If you are looking for that magic, it is certainly not here. Sure, stakes are higher, things are more serious. The thing is though, I don’t care as much as I did in the first, and I didn’t get into the songs. (Except with the German group, They kicked ass!) There were a few people I liked. Who stole the show was Keegan-Micheal Key, as Becca‘s boss. Every scene he was in was hilarious. Then there were the commentators, always funny. Then, Benjy and the new girl, who I can’t seem to remember her name. Other than that, everyone just played a stereotype. Hell, they played stereotypes too, they just entertained me! You have the fat one, the lesbian, the creepy one, the exchange student, the hyper one, and the ones that just seem to be there. All in all, yes I am ragging on it, but just because it was a cash grab and it shows! Its a decent movie, just not as entertaining or good as the first.