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Avengers: Infinity War trailer review


Now, I’m not a HUGE Marvel fan so I don’t know everything there is to know about this universe. However, I’m also not insane or been living under a rock, so I’ve obviously seen all the MCU movies at this point (some more than others). What I do know though, just from watching this trailer, is that this movie has the potential to make every other MCU movie look boring by comparison! The biggest reveal of them all is clearly Thanos, a foe we have been preparing for almost 6 years now, that until this point had just been sitting in a chair and made of bad CGI. To me the second biggest reveal was The Guardians of the Galaxy for a split second at the end of the trailer. Something that I have thought a lot about ever since 2014 with the original Guardians movie was how they were going to tie in with the MCU, and if we would ever get to see them fight alongside the Avengers. To me, and everyone else I assume, their movies seemed completely separate from everyone else’s. I don’t know if they will fight this movie, or maybe they showed us the after credit sequence it the trailer! Either way, it was awesome… Another couple of things worth mentioning are emo Captain America, the addition of Dr. Strange, Caucasian vision, and the return of Hulk. Dr. Strange was another hero who’s addition to the group confused me slightly with how it will be done. Where the Guardians are far more advanced, technologically speaking, Dr. Strange’s powers will be almost overpowering in my opinion. I hope they don’t “nerf” him. Human looking Vision took me back for a second, and Thanos taking his forehead rock (yes, I know what it is called) took be back for a moment. I’m very interested to not only see why he is normal looking, but to see if he even lives!.. Oh! Spidey is in this too, obviously. After his hit of a movie, not throwing him in anything you possibly can would just be stupid! A couple changes though. He appears to have Spidey-senses now, which is a damn good thing too because he sucked at fighting without them! He also appears to have a new suit for some reason… I feel like I have been talking about Spider-Man’s new suit ever couple years for most of my life at this point. Either way, I’m not a fan… Out of the whole trailer though, that is about the only thing I’m not a fan of. It was action packed and smart. Teased just enough of what I needed to get me interested while still telling me absolutely nothing overall. It was also darker than most MCU movies seem, which I hope stays true in the actual movie. Either way though we all know I’m going to see this, and we all now you are going to see this, just like everyone else!

Spider-Man: Homecoming movie review


Disappointed FEELS too strong a word to describe what I felt after walking out of this theater, but unfortunately, it is an accurate description. Of all the talk about Tom Holland being the best Spiderman yet and this movie being a reawakening for the MCU, I was expecting my jaw to drop at least a little bit. Now, don’t mistake me, this is by no means a cut at the sake of Tom Holland, Holland is a brilliant Spiderman who plays a younger and more true to form Spidey than we have ever seen on the screen. The movie however, and the directions that they decided to take it in are where my gripes come from… I appreciate the fact that this is not an origin story, I would not have walked into a theater for a THIRD Spiderman origin story in 15 years. But, I would like to point something out… Remember in the original Spiderman movie (the movie of which I hold every Spiderman movie up to) when there is a montage of Peter Parker coming in to his own as Spiderman over a few months or more? That’s what this movie is. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a movie about Spiderman coming in to his own as a hero that, in my (not so) professional opinion, was done in just an incredibly boring manner. For one, we never see a struggle between being Peter and being Spidey that has always plagued our beloved super hero. We never see uncle Ben die, or hear much of it. We never see him NOT as Spiderman and its difficult to know what his drive and motivation to BE Spiderman is… Also, his relationship with Liz, though more true to high school romances, is also quite bleak and goes nowhere… His suit, which has received mixed reviews, I’m actually on the negative side of. At first it was cool, however once he “unlocked” all of its abilities I feel it took away from him as Spiderman rather than adding to him. Without his spidey-senses, and with this suit, it basically makes it so that anyone could be Spiderman, and, in my opinion, makes him closer to Iron Man than a true Spiderman. But, with a suit of this stature and a villian like Micheal Keaton, you would think there would be loads of action, right? Wrong! Like, thirty minutes of action! So disappointing… I don’t do star ratings, but out of the six Spiderman movies we have now it falls somewhere around the same lines of the first Amazing Spiderman film.