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Iliza Shlesinger: Elder Millennial stand-up review


I had taken a break from stand-up comedy for a while because I hadn’t been finding any of them to be all that funny, not even from some of my favorite comedians. Well, my wife started watching this so I figured, why not? I was pleasantly surprised on her take on things and was laughing my ass off the entire time! Iliza starts off by giving her take on things as a millennial on the very edge of being a millennial. Which as someone who is proud to where the millennial stamp and can also laugh at it, REALLY enjoyed. The rest of her act was her observations on relationships and women in general, which sounds  like it wouldn’t be that interesting for a guy but I would actually urge guys to watch this! It gives some hilarious insights to women, flirting, bars, sex, just a lot. Throughout the special as well there are hashtags of hilarious quotes in her routine, which is absolutely genius because my wife and I are going around saying shit like “Hashtag, Welcome To Fuck-Dome!” In the end it’s a must watch if you are needing a laugh and don’t want to be let down.

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Bo Burnham: Make Happy stand up review


Guys, is Bo okay?.. Either way though, that was fucking sensational! Bo Burnham has come out with three comedy specials, this being the third, and every one is better than the last! Make Happy focuses much more on stand up than songs than any of his other specials, and yet the way he goes about it works very well! I highly recommend watching this on a big TV, with the lights off, and the sound up… What makes this show what it is is Bo’s stage presence and showmanship. He talks about how he has never known anything but entertainment and that is why his shows aren’t relatable yet highly entertaining. It’s all he knows… Going back to the songs. This act has very few memorable songs like his other specials. Ninety percent of his act is making fun of his fans and other artists. On top of that most of his bits are very rapid and he moves on to the next bit quickly. Though that work VERY well for him and is fucking hysterical, I don’t see how you get a CD out of this. That is the only bad thing I can find about this. Bo has always been hilarious and the last ten minutes of this show takes him to a very deep level. He speaks about needing, yet fearing the validation of his fans, and how he has focused so much on others peoples happiness that he forgot his own… In the end he runs off to a family that doesn’t exist…This show is raunchy, hilarious, and somehow beautiful.


Danny Bhoy: Live at the Sydney Opera House stand up review


Danny Bhoy is a Scottish comedian and a personal favorite of mine. His comedy style is very visual and he focuses on cultures to a large extent. Making fun of Scotland and their drinking problem mostly! After touring Australia for six months, he ends his comedy tour with an amazing stand up at the Sydney Opera house. After spending six months there his routine is mostly stories of people he has met and things he has seen but they are all damn hilarious! He begins his routine playing the bagpipes, and touches everything from out drinking Australians, to going on a safari, and going back and forth with a Ghecko! Danny Bhoy is truly immersive in his act with his spot on accents and stories that make him feel like one of the boys!


Mike Birbiglia: My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend stand up review


Mike Birbiglia is a comedian, actor, writer, director, radio personality, and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on. For me though, Birbiglia’s stand up act is my favorite of all his endeavors, and one of my favorite acts ever. Though he doesn’t have as many hard hitting jokes as other comedians, Birbiglia’s stand up act is generally one long story. That is why I like My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend… In My Girlfriends Boyfriend Mike Birbiglia tells us the love story of him and Jen, that stretches over years. The entire time, not only are you laughing from his awkwardness and jokes, but yelling at him to not fuck up this relationship with Jen! A comic that can get you invested in a story, while still laughing consistently is hard to come by… Birbiglia talks about how awkward he is, and his fear of commitment, his struggles as a child, his first time kissing… It all seems like pointless dialogue until the end when it wraps up into one long and perfect story. Watching this is a necessity for any fan of stand up, or real-life love stories.

Aziz Ansari: Live at Madison Square Garden stand up review


Aziz Ansari is an amazingly successful comedian, getting his break on Parks and Recreation. His comedy style is quick, and real. His words aren’t minced, yet he is not purely vulgar.  Though I love Aziz Ansari, he is truly my favorite stand up comedian, I was not a fan of this special. At the time of making this he was making a TV show, writing a new TV show, and writing a book. He was busy, and his work for his book and show bled though into his act. I’m not saying I didn’t ever laugh, I got a few chuckles, but that is not what I look for in my stand up comedy! I want gut wrenching laughter till I keel over and fucking die!.. Luckily no stand up has been that good… but this one is very far off!.. Aziz focuses on topics such as marriage, family, relationships, and romance as a whole. Which, is the subject of his book AND show, and has many of the same jokes. It’s more informative than it is funny, and I was disappointed.


The Jim Gaffigan Show TV show review


The Jim Gaffigan show stars Jim Gaffigan as himself, following the premise of his ACTUAL crazy life. Jim lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC with his gorgeous wife and FIVE kids. I’m really happy but not surprised they made a show about this! Years ago when he was doing stand up and I heard him say he had a litter of kids in a 2 bedroom apartment I thought to myself, “Damn! That would make a great show!” Lo and behold, it makes a great show! So, I binge watched the entire season one in a single sitting the other day. I love Jim Gaffigan, he is one of my favorite comedians, and he does not disappoint in this! But, further than that the other characters are great in this show too! Ashley Williams (who you may recognize as Victoria from HIMYM) plays Jim’s wife, Jeanine, and the mother of his 5 kids. Micheal Ian Black plays Jeanine’s very gay best friend, and ex, that doesn’t get along with Jim. BUT, my very personal favorite is Jim’s best friend Dave, played by Adam Goldberg. What makes Dave so great is the fact that he and Jim are complete opposites. Dave is raunchy, a playboy, covered in tats, and fancies himself a bad-boy. Jim and Dave are best friends, and both have a little bit of jealousy towards the other. Its great, hilarious, and I fucking love it. Macaulay Culkin is in this too! But now in the way you think. Every now and then he shows up as a tiny cameo and the main characters are confused, wondering if it is him! Overall this is a hilarious show. It suffers from taking a lot of jokes straight out of Gaffigans stand up. But, who cares? It’s still funny.

George Carlin Napalm and Silly Putty book review


I’m a huge fan of George Carlin, I absolutely love his stand up. To be honest though I probably won’t review any more of his books just because they are all so similar. The interesting thing about George Carlin books, is it as if someone wrote down an exact replica of his stand up, and it works! Napalm and Silly Putty is his first book, and it cracks me up every time I read it or listen to it on tape during a long drive. Carlin’s humor is almost completely observational. He sees the humor in everyday life, but unlike most comedians now a days, he is smart! His jokes are clever, to the point, and he is not afraid to offend. A comedian that doesn’t hold back, is the best. All of his books are a must read, but this one tops them all.

Sleepwalk With Me movie review


Sleepwalk With Me is the true story of Mike Birbiglia, playing himself under the fake name Matt Pandamiglio, clever. Sleepwalk With Me follows Matt Pandamiglio, an aspiring comedian who’s sole purpose as a comedian is to take the bullet for those funnier and better than him. Until he starts incorporating jokes about his relationship he has commitment issues in. The first thing I noticed is that Matt is kind of an ass, if he wasn’t the main character, we wouldn’t root for him. There is even a time where he has to remind us that we are on his side! That is probably the only thing I can find wrong with this movie though. Being a very successful stand up comedian, Mike Birbiglia is obviously brilliant with his trademark dry comedy. What I didn’t know is that he could write and act in a movie so damn well! Sleepwalk With Me moves along at the perfect pace, telling it’s story brilliantly. If you are familiar with Mike’s stand up you will notice many of his jokes in this and his story’s which I love. The sleepwalking is a nice little bit, but for being the main part of the movie, I found it as more of a side story. The real aspect you will care about is the stand up. Seeing him develop his style and become more known and confident on stage is a great progression to watch. All in all it’s an amazing indie film, and movie in general. It functions as much more than a comedy and I had a great time!