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My Love of Starcraft


Explaining my love of Starcraft to someone who doesn’t feel the same way is very difficult. The easiest way I can think to describe it is the way many feel about sports. I played Starcraft competitively for a long time, and it quickly became an obsession of mine. At first it was just a normal game, then I started watching streams on a daily basis. I’d tune into tournaments whenever possible. I followed the players, developed strategies, attended tournaments, competed in tournaments… It quickly became for than just a game, it became my life. I myself was a Zerg player, and my handle was WyrmZ. I thought it was catchy and I had a tendency to back-door nydus worm people. I had a group of friends that also had aspiring goals of becoming a pro-player. That was everyone’s goal if we are completely honest with ourselves. We wanted to be among the greats; our idols. We wanted to play in the EG house and have a seat next to IdrA and InControl. We would log on Skype and play for hours, all while making strategies and timing our plays down to the exact second… This was a daily occurrence. I would go to school in the morning and read strategy handbooks and memorize everything about the units. I would come home and play until I had to go to sleep and then repeat. When it came time for tournaments we would drop everything we were doing for the weekend and hold viewing parties.

All of this was back in 2011-2013. I still love Starcraft but, with its fall from grace accompanied with the impact it was having on my life I stopped playing. Much like sports, where I played (like one would play football in college) and then stopped, but the love remained I continue to watch and I continue to sit around with my friends, reminiscing about the good ol’ days of Wings of Liberty while watching low-level tournaments. I am very sad that Starcraft isn’t what it use to be, but at the same time the community is still there. At any given point I can boot it up and play. On top of that, whenever I do just have a simple discussion with somebody about it, it brings me great joy. The time that Starcraft 2 was in the spotlight was brief, but it will always be one of my, and many others favorite times.

Mostly Walking YouTube review


If you are or ever were a fan of Starcraft, than you are aware of Day[9]. If you are a fan of Day[9], than you loved Funday Monday… Well when Starcraft started losing its following something terrible happened. Funday Monday was burned to the ground. But, born from the ashes was something even better!.. Mostly Walking… Mostly Walking is a weekly series with Sean Plott, Sean Bouchard, and Bill Graner where they play point and click adventure games. I know what you are thinking! “But B, that sounds so boring. Why wouldn’t I just watch a new game with great graphics?” Well first I would tell you not to interrupt me, then I’d tell you that I couldn’t give a shit about these games! This series is brilliant and hilarious because these three personalities rib off of each other so well! You have Sean Plott, who (let’s be honest) is the glue of this whole shibang. He controls the game and cracks jokes. Sean Bouchard who provides us with actual knowledge about the game and actually moves it forward. Bill Graner who gives us witty sarcasm and an endless stream of puns. Sure, for being professional adventure gamers, they kind of suck at adventure games. BUT, I watch it because at the end of a Monday it is good to sit down and have a good laugh with these three guys, and they never disappoint there.