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The Hunger Games book review


Though now the Post-Apocalyptic-Young-Adult-Dystopian book genre is very very played out, at the time of release, The Hunger Games felt refreshingly original! Writing this I realize just how impossible it would be to describe The Hunger Games world in a short sentence or two, and that is the truly beautiful part. The Hunger Games is by no means a difficult read, and it is not obscenely long either. Yet, the world it builds inside its pages is both beautiful and horrifying. The Hunger Games does what most dark books do not, and starts itself out dark, and becomes pitch black by the end (that’s not even taking the other books in account). It definitely does not hold back on the violence either, which I love! What I can go without though, is the shitty, flimsy love circle Collins attempts to make believable between Gale, Katniss, and Peeta. I love a good love story as a sub plot in my books, but this one is shitty (Team Peeta all the way, by the way). In the end The Hunger Games is an amazingly written book. I love the fact that it is a trilogy, with each book having 3 acts! I love that it does not hold back from being dark and serious! It is one of my favorite books. Highly Recommend.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay pt 1 movie review


Mockingjay part 1 is the third movie in the four movie series of The Hunger Games. It follows Katniss Everdeen after her 2nd hunger games, taking on her role as the mockingjay, leader of the rebellion. Now I’ll admit this, I loved the Hunger Games books. I loved the first movie and the second even more, I’m also totally a sucker for Jennifer Lawrence. Not only that, but the dystopian fad is one of my favorites, hell, I wrote one! What I don’t seem to understand is why whoever is making these things feels the need to make the final book into two parts! Every time I have seen a a “part one” it has been boring. Why has it been boring you ask? Because you can’t take ONLY a first act and expect it to make an enjoyable full length movie! I will rant for a moment, then I will tell you the good parts, because there were a few. So in a movie about a girl who is amazing with a bow, she knocks 4 arrows, fires 3, 2 were at a target, and 1 was at a jet. No, that is not a spoiler because they show almost all the good parts in the trailer, including that. In what had the potential to be the best scene in the entire movie,when we were all on the edges of our seats, they show us a conversation instead. There was so much filler time in this movie that if you took it out, it would be as long as an episode on TV. Now, the good in the movie. The acting was top notch, especially form Woody. Everyone seemed to give it their all. The portrayal of Katniss, though at times annoying, represented her not as a sex symbol but as an actual leader and normal person. What few action sequences there were, I definitely enjoyed. And even though it could have been done in 30-40 minutes, it is a great set up for the finale. Lets just hope SOMETHING happens in that movie.