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Ted 2 movie review


I was a huge fan of Ted 1, it was hilarious, original, and I will watch anything with Mark Wahlberg in it! When I heard Ted 2 was coming out, I was incredibly nervous that it would be a shitty cash grab. Which lets be honest it kind of is a cash grab, but it is far from shitty! Ted 2 stars Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, and Amanda Seyfried. In this hilarious sequel Ted and his new wife Tami-Lynn want to adopt a baby. After submitting to try and adopt a baby it is found that Ted is property and not a person. Teds life is then swung into chaos and it is up to him, John, and their stoner-lawyer Samantha to save him. Now, though Ted 2 is hilarious as hell, it is completely non-linear. It’s story is good, much better than it had to be, but ninety percent of the movie is purely there so that a joke can be there. I don’t mind this, it reminds me of the way Family Guy is run, and I enjoy family guy! Amanda Seyfried is an awesome person to add into the mix! After seeing her, and her character, I wonder how I ever liked Mila Kunis in basically the same role, minus the weed. Ted 2 is good, if you don’t expect an amazing story you will be fine, because at least you will laugh your ass off.

Ted 2 trailer review


Ted 2! I only have a single question… why? I bet I know the answer too… Money! All money hungry jokes aside, it doesn’t look like a half bad movie. I am concerned about the fact that Mila Kunis didn’t sign on, but that doesn’t mean its shit, she could have been busy. Or it’s shit. I was a huge fan of Ted, it had some of the funniest dialogue I have ever heard (“He’s a bear.”), and I love the 2 stars. The fact that Mila isn’t in it is a bummer, but these two can carry it no problem. Ted 2 follows Ted and John on their quest to get Ted to be seen as a person, and not property so he and Tami-Lynn can adopt a baby, not a bad concept. My worry is that we are going to see another Anchorman 2 fiasco, where it is the same movie, just less funny. The trailer is not bad, but if I am honest, I didn’t laugh. Sure I chuckled, but no laugh. I like these guys, but I don’t want to see a shitty cash-grab comedy.