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The DUFF book review


My first of many book reviews is of The DUFF. I did a review of the movie adaptation, but that will not factor into THIS review at all. The DUFF follows Bianca Piper, a senior in high school. Bianca is struggling with a difficult time at home, and the stress of senior year at high school. She then is told by the school man-whore Wesley, that she is in fact also a DUFF. Designated Ugly Fat Friend. The DUFF is a spectacular book. To give a perfect example of how good it is, I found out it existed at 10am, started reading it at noon, and didn’t put it down that day till I finished. The DUFF is definitely an easy YA/high school read, but it tackles big issues in a way that keeps it at a good level. I kept telling myself I was going to put it down and finish the last few chapters the next day, but the relationship was too intriguing. I needed to know what was going to happen, and how these problems would be solved. Very few books get the honor of being a movie, I see why this one did.

The DUFF movie review


Yes, it is a chick flick. No, I don’t care, I laughed my ass off. The DUFF is about this girl that finds out she is the “Designated Ugly Fat Friend“ in her group. Which lets be honest, it’s Hollywood, she is still gorgeous and hot. It’s your stereotypical high school movie, dealing with high school things, in high school. You predict what will happen from the start, and you are 100% right about everything. But, that’s OK cause it‘s hilarious and we are well over due for another good one of these. There is one scene though that you will feel awkward in if you feel other people’s embarrassment through screen. Trust me, you will know it. All in all, I’d watch it again, probably will. Soon.