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El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie trailer review

I honestly don’t think this needs to be made. Breaking Bad finished it’s legendary run in a near perfect way. That being said though I’m OBVIOUSLY going to watch this as soon as it comes out. Like, immediately.

This teaser trailer is everything it should be which is almost nothing. It shows nothing, tells nothing, yet elicits excitement just by the fact that it confirms that we are truly getting this. Its just just Skinny Pete talking about how he won’t give up Jesse because he’s on the run.

What I HOPE from this movie:

1. I want very little Walter White, if any. A cameo in a mention is really all I want.

2. A human story with a recovery storyline of Jesse.

3. Them to properly honor him and not ruin his arc.

4. An ending just as good as we already have.

This isn’t a needed sequel movie, but I’m putting optimism towards that they wouldn’t make it if it wasn’t worthy to exist.

Zombieland: Double Tap trailer review

Normally i’m not a fan of trailers using rap music to make their trailer seem more epic, when it’s very clearly out of place for the movie itself, but this movie is well aware of what it is. Another hilarious point that touches on that, is the very beginning of the trailer when it flashes on screen all the Academy Awards and nominations the actors in Zombieland 2 of all things have. I legitimately laughed just at that.

Zombieland: Double Tap is the VERY long awaited sequel to the cult hit, Zombieland. A new thing these days is to release sequels to films many years after the original. When it’s a hit it is huge, when it’s a flop people get angry. From the moment this was announced everyone has been all over it. It has a new director with Ruben Fleischer, but from the brief 3 minute glimpse I got it looks like hes remaining true to the first. Doesn’t skip on the gore, jokes are great, it’s over the top. Everything I want.

Zombieland: Double Tap looks like it takes place in the white house at the beginning, but Wichita (Emma Stone) hints that them being on the move is what they prefer. So it could take place mostly in DC or on the road in a road trip zombie movie. I’d be okay with either. They also run into their doppelgangers, who is an almost equally great cast of actors, but it’s not clear how big of a part they play.

10 years later I’m optimistic enough (which these days is not my thing) to say that I think this movie will be just as awesome as the first, if not exceeding it with who these actors have become.

Hobbs and Shaw trailer review

So I’d like to start this off by saying that I WILL go see this. I’m not ignorant to the fact that this will be mindless and over the top, but that is what I have come to love about the Fast and the Furious franchise. What I do find a bit weird though is that THIS is the spinoff they went for. I had no idea this was coming and I have no idea why it is coming. No one asked for this….

Anyway, Hobbs and Shaw follows two characters recently introduced to the FatF franchise in their own spinoff movie. Why? Who Knows. It is a ‘save the world’ plot mixed with a ‘begrudging body-cop’ plot. It stars Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba as the bad guy. Now, FatF is super over the top now but this one seems to take the cake and run away with it. Idris Elba is a genetically engineered super human poised to annihilate the world and the government has chosen a cop and an ex military dude to defeat him. Like, what the fuck?! My favorite part of the whole trailer is one of the introductory lines of Idris Elba when someone asks who he is and he literally responds, “Bad guy”.

I don’t think this will have any real connection to its parent series. There might be a cameo of some kind and a few references, but outside that I think it is entirely its own thing. They probably had an idea like this and morphed it into a spinoff so that it would have name recognition and sell more tickets. Who cares though. It looks fun and sometimes it’s nice to turn off your brain and enjoy something.

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald movie review


It may not surprise anyone when I say I didn’t enjoy this movie, given that is a popular opinion at this point, but it breaks my heart none the less. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is a sequel to “Where to Find Them” and follows the uprising of the universes most famous dark wizard. Now, I feel it must be stated that my wife and I are huge Harry Potter fans, both of us sporting tattoos and collectibles. I am however a much bigger fan than her. I enjoyed the first installment of the series, liking the twists it put on the things I already loved without ruining itself or relying on the Harry Potter series too much. It marketed itself as completely separate except for the world itself. I respected and liked that. I went it to this movie with high hopes and they were dashed away rather quickly into it.

The movie opens with one of the most bad ass magic fights we have had since the finale of Order of the Phoenix. The stunning visuals coupled with score of John Williams are breathtaking. That is, unfortunately, the peak of the movie. Shortly after this it spirals into a cluster of confusing plots, characters that go nowhere, and references that are shoved down your throat every few minutes to distract you from how boring this movie actually is. This truly saddens me to write because I am someone that will quite regularly throw in a Harry Potter movie to relax during a rough time.

There are so many main plots, sub plots, character arcs, and everything else that it is honestly just hard to follow. At the end of it I wasn’t sure what was important, what was going on, or if it was even over. Because of this it made the big twist at the end more confusing rather than anything else and I left the theater completely unsatisfied.

The actors in this are good. Eddie Redmayne as Newt is still amazing and the best part of this movie. The movie is less focused on him than the first one however and it suffers from it. I don’t believe it needed to be focused on him completely but if they didn’t want to they needed to make the other characters just as interesting. Jude Law as Dumbeldore was great but he had barely any screen time. Johhny Depp was a nice cast for Grindelwald, but they gave him nothing to do, wasting the character and actor at the same time. Any time spent with Credence, played by Ezra Miller, brought the movie to a screeching halt and we were with him a lot.

The icing on the cake for me was the references. References were everywhere, handed to you on a silver platter, trying to distract you from what you were watching by reminding you of the good times. But it didn’t work. I was only reminded that I wasn’t watching those movies instead. I wanted this movie to succeed on its own. I didn’t want it to rely on my love for its predecessor. A few call backs would have been fine, welcome even, but it was clear it KNEW it wasn’t good. It was clear it WANTED  me distracted and reminiscing.

Writing this review doesn’t make me happy. In fact it disappoints, and saddens me that I am writing it. But it is honest. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is boring, and expects to get by purely on your love of Harry Potter to make money with it’s next three movies. It is nothing more than a shameful cash-grab filler.

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