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Modern Family TV show review


Modern Family. One of my favorite pilots of any shows is the Modern Family pilot. The pilot shows 3 strange families, all vastly different and all equally as strange. You see their everyday life, rushing around to get to a party. There is the everyday family, a married couple with 3 children, strict mom and fun dad. Then there is the wealthy retired man with his hot young wife and her son. Then the gay couple looking to adopt their own child soon. It is not till the end of the episode that we see that all of these people are in the same big, happy, dysfunctional family… and I LOVE that. Modern Family is 6 seasons in now and still one of my favorite shows! I like watching kids grow up over they years, dynamics change, bonds form and break… family life in general! Modern Family has all that wrapped up in a wholesome, heartfelt, family comedy.

New Girl TV show review


I love this show, my god do I love this show! There are few shows that I laugh more at than this show! New girl is about Jess Day, a girl that moves in with 3 (turns into 4 later) guys after a bad breakup. This show could have crashed and burned so easily, and it almost did, but it stuck in there! What makes this show so so SO amazing is the personalities. Jess- Extremely optimistic, overly bubbly, sings about everything. Nick Miller- Very smart and equally lazy, has a strange friendship with an old Asian fellow. Schmidt- Good guy, GIANT douche bag, use to be fat in college. CeCe- Model, bad-ass, Jess’s best friend. Winston- Ex “pro” basketball player, very sensitive, has a strange relationship with his cat. Coach- He’s a coach… You put those personalities together and you have yourself one god damn, knee slappin’ hilarious TV show! One thing I will admit though is that even though there are story arks, and I care about these characters, not much happens. There are heartfelt moments, and moments that the story moves forward, but they are few and far between. If you want to laugh your ass off though, THIS is your show!

Sense8 TV show review


I have said it before and I will say it again, Netflix has some of the best TV shows I have ever seen. This one, I am not too sure about. That is the 100% honest truth too, I just don’t know. Sense 8 follows follows 8 completely different people around the world who have all been linked together. Those 8 people are becoming the same person, being able to know the others thoughts, feel their feelings, and become them in an instant. The characters are absolutely amazing, I don’t recognize anyone but they couldn’t have done better. First and foremost this show is original, but very very strange. I kept watching it because I knew it would get interesting, but it is one of the slowest moving stories I have ever seen. When it came to the second to last episode, I couldn’t believe I was almost done because the story had done so little. In my opinion the problem is following 8 people at different times, they each get so little screen time to progress their stories. It really is a shame too, because the stories they make are great! Also, on one of the last episodes it makes you watch 10 woman give birth in very close up high-def detail. That was unexpected. This show was hit and miss with me. Story was great, but there was so little of it. Characters are awesome, but it was incredibly slow. Action was good, but I saw 10 women in labor. I haven’t decided if I will watch season 2, you be the judge.

Backstrom TV show review


I love Rainn Wilson guys, I love him so much, he is just the shit. Backstrom is a crime/comedy/drama (Cromama?) TV show starring Rainn Wilson as an asshole, chain smoking, alcoholic, cynic with health problems. It’s amazing. Everett Backstrom is head of the special crimes division, which has an ensemble of other characters whose stories you also love! Backstrom lives on a bad-ass house boat with the son of a hooker he use to sleep with that provides him inside information. Oh, and he use to be engaged to Sarah Chalke. Backstrom runs like every other crime show does. At the beginning of every episode they get a case, by the end they solve it. That is not why you watch it. You watch it for the perfect 3D characters, the side stories, and back stories being uncovered. You watch it for Rainn Wilson, and Backstroms unorthodox techniques and strange way of conducting himself with people. You watch it because this show is amazing.

Daredevil TV show review


Daredevil is a story we all know because we either suffered through the awful movie that had every ingredient to be awesome, or we had a friend that did and annoyed us about it. Sadly I was one of the people that actually saw the movie. When the Netflix Daredevil first came out I was very wary about watching it, worried it would also be a steamy pile of dog shit, with an even worse pointless spin off. I kept thinking that no TV show could be so amazing as to have us all forget the original terrible Daredevil movie and accept that it is in fact a good story. No TV show could have a good enough story to keep us hooked about a guy that’s biggest super power is free running and heightened senses. I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. Why? Because Netflix has what I like to call “The Marvel Gift”, it can no longer make anything bad, and if it does we will eat it up anyway. Daredevil in general revolves around a man, Matt Murdock, that lost his sight in a chemical accident when he was younger. His father was a boxer and was killed after he didn’t throw a fight. Matt Murdock grows up to be a blind lawyer, who just so happens to secretly fight crime at night. Though I do wonder how a lawyer with a night job ever sleeps… The first season of the Daredevil TV show shows Murdock first starting to become Daredevil, with an awesome costume put together from black stuff at Wal-Mart. The villain of the season is Wilson Fisk, played by Vincent D’Onofrio, an absolutely brilliant take on The Kingpin. Fisk has major anxiety, social, and anger problems from his abusive father, yet is a giant, both in size and social power. Helping Murdock is his best friend and legal partner, Foggy. Their secretary they helped in legal work, and was saved by the Daredevil, Karen. Lastly, a savior this is unknowing of his identity, Claire. Daredevil is another addicting show, perfectly moving the story along while giving us flashbacks for back story, and giving us peaks into future season that we look forward to. I count the days till season 2.

Entourage TV show review


Entourage follows Vincent Chase and 3 best friends and agent, on the many roads of stardom. Playing on HBO for 8 seasons, and making everyone who watched it feel poor and want to be a star, Entourage is a guys wet dream. The beautiful thing about this show, is it’s a fantasy land. For half hour, once a week (or multiple hours every day for a binge watcher) we all felt like stars. We were living a life of luxury, being with any girl we wanted, having millions of dollars, and amazing friends. The friends are one of the many aspects that make this show, after all, they are his ENTOURAGE. Eric “E” Murphy play Vince’s manager and childhood best friend, being the only one that seems to act like a normal guy (most of the time). Johnny “Drama” Chase plays Vince’s older brother who use to be a star but has since been forgotten. And “Turtle” plays another friend, who lives off of him and is basically comic relief (still awesome though). You can’t forget my personal favorite though, Ari Gold, his loud, foul mouthed agent. When people talk about Entourage they say it is like the Sex and the City but for guys, which is true. So you probably think it has lots of tits, parties, and star life… also true. What you might not think at first glance is that it has an amazing story and character progression throughout the entire series, with major highs and lows. Yes, you want nothing more while watching this show to be one of these characters, but you get attached to them too. You want to know, desperately, what the group of friends will do next. Will Vince be huge? Will Drama get back in the game? Will Ari be the most powerful man in LA? And so on! I admit, this show is not for everyone. You either love it or you hate it, but you have to give it a shot to see if you love it!

Game of Thrones TV show review


Game of Thrones follows multiple people of multiple families on their blood soaked, death embodied, sex filled road to aquire the iron throne, and rule the kingdom. Game of Thrones is easily one of the most popular, and best shows ever made, but why? Your favorite characters are  killed off at what seems random points. The bad guy seems to ALWAYS win. You have no idea who to root for because nearly everyone has their supreme shitty side. On top of that, it’s another thing you can’t watch with your family, what with the sex, gore, and torture porn-like aspects. All of those reasons are why we all LOVE this show! There has never been a show this unpredictable, crossing lines that TV has silently agreed never to cross. We as viewers are use to being able to predict where our show will go, know that our favorite characters are safe, and that their dicks are safe from knives. Yes, we cry about the same thing, but deep down we know we love it. Each week when we sit down to watch game of thrones, always on the edge of our seats, it’s because we honest to god have absolutely no idea what we are in store for. And THAT is why it is one of the best shows ever made.

Orange Is The New Black TV show review


Orange Is The New Black is a Netflix original series that just aired its third season. I absolutely love Netflix TV shows, its as if they can do nothing wrong! OISTNB at first follows Piper Chapman through her prison sentence after helping her ex girlfriend deal drugs on a huge scale. The interesting thing about OITNB is that you care so much more about all the other characters than the main character, and want to follow their stories more. As the series progresses it realizes this and makes the show more about Litchfield, the prison, as a whole. I realize almost any review ever will say something about how the character progression is wonderful, but you can’t mention this show with out talking about it. You get to see Piper go from a prissy middle class girl to a hardened prisoner. The relationships of prisoners, and the life inside. The amazing part about OITNB is that every episode it follows another character, showing flashbacks of their lives at important moments, and showing how they ended up in prison, or as a guard.The beautiful part of this is that you know every single small character on the same level you would know a main character you watched for 10 years. Very rarely is their a character you hate, because you see their lives, you sympathize. You like the guards, the prisoners, the people on the outside, and when you do hate someone, you love to hate them! Their are very few shows I enjoy binge watching as much. Season 3 just aired and I NEED season 4 now.

The League TV show review


The League is a TV show about 6 long time friends that are obsessed with their small 8 man football team. The league is a great show to watch from the start. Every season starts with the drafting of the football teams, then hijinks ensue. Something I really like is that these characters have tons of inside jokes that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t watch everything, its a nice little laugh that makes you feel part of the group. Although this is just your standard sitcom about friends what it brings to the table is the friends themselves. There is absolutely no reason any of these people should be friends. The only two people I understand is Pete and Kevin. But, the show addresses this. They are fully aware that these people are only friends because no one else would be friends with them! Yet it works, and I love it. The best character by far is Taco, played by Jon Lajoie. For those of you that do not know Jon is a comedic music artist that smokes a lot of weed and is famous on Youtube. Besides being famous on Youtube, Taco is basically the same person. Though there was a few points where I started to get uninterested, the show addresses this and picks it back up. I will definitely continue with the series

The West Wing TV show review


I don’t have a lot of people that ready what I write consistently, BUT for those of you that do you may have noticed my lack of movies and that I missed my first day yesterday. This is because I have been netflixing. Verb: To watch a metric shit ton of Netflix at one time. Every now and then I find a show I get into so much that I watch multiple years of television in a matter of weeks. It would be days, but the bills have to be paid! Lately my obsession has been The West Wing. The West Wing is about the lives and workings of the president and employees of the west wing of the white house. This show is a binge watchers dream. Every episode ties in to one another, and the first season alone has twenty-two, forty-five minute episodes! What makes The West Wing so addicting is the characters themselves. I wouldn’t want to compare it to friends since they aired around the same time but there is a very large cast. The beauty of having such a large cast, is that you nearly never run out of good stories. A single story line can stretch multiple seasons. I know relationships aren’t the main focal point of this show, it’s the people, and the politics. Despite that though I find myself shipping some of these people more than I have in a long time for TV. Because there are so many characters I will not talk about all of them, since I like to keep my reviews short. Just know, all of these characters are amazingly deep, played by amazing actors. Definitely watch this show, but only if you don’t want a social life for a while.