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Bright movie review


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Bright movie review


I’m going to be very straight forward and to the point here. Bright was terrible. Absolutely awful. After it was over I tried to make excuses for it, but as time went on it became more clear to me just how shit this movie really is. Why was I trying to make excuses for it? Because the concept behind this movie is amazing, and deep, and full of potential. Max Landis wrote a good script that could have been turned into a great movie and David Ayer ruined it. Will Smith couldn’t even save this movie!.. So, what is this movie about? It’s set in an alternate universe where fantasy creatures live in the modern world with humans. An orc cop (Joel Edgerton) is made partners with a human cop (Will Smith) which is unheard of because racism. They come into possession of a wand, a magic item that can only be controlled by a “Bright” and the movie devolves into a “run-away-from-bad-guys” shtick. What this movie is REALLY about is the races though. The plot doesn’t matter, and it’s pretty clear by how predictable and disappointing everything is that the main characters do. What actually matters and what is the real point of the movie is the racism between Elves, Orcs, and Humans in this movie and the similarities with the race problems we have in real life… And that was disappointing to me. This movie had every opportunity to be fantastic in just the concept alone. Lord of the Rings meets End of Watch. Fantasy meets buddy cop. In modern-ish, amazing world!.. However, one thing that I did like was the fact that the movie jumped right in. The beginning was strong and it assumed we understood the concept and that all this was normal. I liked that a lot, it aloud us to get directly in the story. There was a a bit of a background with a war between races thousands of years ago that should have been expanded on more, but it explained what it had to. That’s it though. Nothing else in this movie pushed boundaries or was anything more than a racial message disguised as buddy-cop-fantasy movie with terrible lead chemistry and laughably-bad dialogue.

Suicide Squad movie review


How could I NOT see this on the first day? If I’m going to see any movie on the first day it comes out, it is gonna be Suicide Squad!.. This movie is complicated, because, without a doubt in my mind it is a very good movie. Yet for some reason I still find myself to be a little disappointed. The only reasoning I can come up with is that the anticipation and hype of this movie had gotten to a point where literally nothing could live up to it. It’s a classic Jurassic World scenario… I don’t feel like an introduction or synopsis is really needed for this, but, for this few that aren’t obsessed with everything Marvel and DC yet… A secret government agency assembles a task force of the most dangerous super villains in the world that they have imprisoned. Shit goes down, and these bad guys that have been in prison are let out, on a leash… And that’s actually pretty much it. It’s a very straight forward plot! Awesome though!.. The movie starts out with half hour of origin stories for everyone, which, normally I wouldn’t like, but, it actually brought a lot more to the movie after learning about their backgrounds. The best origin story of all though was for one Dr. Harleen Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn. Her and Jokers story span the entire movie with flashbacks, and seeing her go from doctor to the crazy queen of Gotham city is spectacular… Speaking of Joker, lets talk about the one thing everyone has been talking about since this movie was announced. The Joker, with Jared Leto. There is a lot to this Joker, and if I am being one hundred percent honest, I am still making up my mind completely! But, one thing I do know was that it was a phenomenal performance by Jared Leto. This Joker is many things, crazy, scary, psycho, king, boss, lover, but, what he also is is believable as every last one of them at the same time, and that is hard to do. Making someone an utter psychopath but also mafia boss of sorts and in love… That is skill and I am glad we got to see those sides of him! HOWEVER… The Joker was barely in this and was not who carried this movie. Will Smith and Margot Robbie carried this movie on their shoulders. Will Smith as Deadshot was an easy role for him, no doubt. He is bad-ass and charismatic. That does not take away from the fact that every moment he was on screen I either got goose bumps or laughed! Margot Robbie however stretched her acting chops to places I don’t even think SHE knew they could go for this, and her role was an emotional roller coaster!.. Jai Courtney finally found something he isn’t shit in too! So good for him! Killer Croc was probably the only character that I never had a good time with, but, it is hard to make that character and not have him be stupid… As for our villain… The real villain of the movie was Amanda Waller, played by Viola Davis, the woman who assembled them and makes them fight under threat of death…However the villain they go after is very well put together. They give her a great origin and not just a bad guy for the purpose of being a bad guy. Cara Delevingne plays the witch known as Enchantress that is attempting to wipe out all technology in the world. Giving her this role was risky, as she is a newer actor and most commonly known for her hated role in Paper Towns. But, it payed off as she made Enchantress incredibly seductive and intimidating, rounding out the villain perfectly… Last but not least I want to talk about the soundtrack. When 21 Pilots came out with Heathens for this movie it got me more excited for a movie I was very scared about the idea of. Many times this soundtrack made this movie ten times better and brought it to life… I will definitely go see this again in theaters!


Concussion movie review


I love true stories, biopics, and dramas. This is a superb combination of those coupled with the acting prowess of Will Smith… Will Smith, to me at least, is known for his charismatic nature and confidence in his screen presence. Seeing him tackle a role so utterly different and doing an Oscar worthy performance is enough reason to watch this movie. Not even to mention that accent!.. But, this movie has many reasons to watch it. Watching NFL legends unravel and struggle with their own madness is captivating. David Morse portrayal of superstar Mike Webster it almost terrifying in it’s realism and sadness… Most goals for “true story” movies is to just tell the story. I believe the job of this one was to raise awareness for the cause that is still affecting us, and to make change. It this can’t do it, and reach the masses, nothing will.



Concussion trailer review


Never underestimate Will Smith, he is one of the greatest actors ever and can play anything and everything. Concussion is a true story of a man that finds out about the life threatening brain injuries players get in football and wants to get it out in the world. The NFL fights him. This is one of the most drama filled trailers I have ever seen. Normally that bothers me, but not when it is done this well. This will be a heart wrenching movie, and Will Smith will do the wrenching. The addition of Alec Baldwin as a supporting actor almost guarantees them Oscar recognition. I may not see this in theaters, but I’ll rent it immediately.

Suicide Squad trailer review


Releasing a full length trailer for a movie a year before it comes out is mean, making it 3 minutes long yet somehow still not tell anything is outright cruel! During Comicon the trailer for the highly anticipated Suicide Squad was released, OBVIOUSLY I had to pounce on it immediately! I am going to be 100% honest, I am stoked for this movie, but I was extremely disappointed in this trailer! Yes it had pretty music, yes we got to see all of the people, but what do we really know from this trailer? What did we really get out of it? We got to see glimpses of all of the members, some more than others (I’ll touch on that in a moment) . We got to see that they are bad but we are rooting for them, and we saw the Joker, who has a ridiculous grill and tattoos. Now, I am very very happy with Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, she is the shit, and she looks like she pulls her off! But, I don’t need the trailer shoving it in my face! “Hey look, we have Harley Quinn. Hey, here she is again. Holy shit, it’s Harley Quinn! Did I mention we have Harley Quinn? I know you like Harley Quinn, she just happens to be in this!” I get it! You have Harley Quinn, we are all ecstatic! For those of us that don’t follow comics or suicide squad as much, please touch on other people so we know who the hell they are before we watch the movie! The Joker now… I am very confident Jared Letto will NAIL the Joker, so I am willing to have an open mind, but why does he have to have a grill? Those are all my problems with the trailer. I am confident this will be one fucking awesome movie, and I’m so excited! Next time, just tell us something about it in the trailer.